Why women take testosterone

What a great story. Thank you. The interesting part about naking, if your male and are on a public trail and nude by yourself…it creeps people out. If you are 2 males…it creeps people out, but if you are 1 or more guys with 1 or more women…no problems..like its accepted.
Recently, on a hike up in Thunder Bay, I was hiking with a group of 8, 5 guys and 3 women. While we started out clothed, we stripped down after about 15 minutes. About 2 hours into our hike, during a break, A young couple and their female friend came to the same spot we were relaxing and snacking. They were a little frustrated as they were following hiking trail advice from Trip advisor and were not having fun or seeing good sights. As a few of us had hiked in and around Kakabeka Falls before, we welcomed them to join us. After about 30 minutes, the male stripped naked, and the two females went topless. Eventually, they joined in the fun and hiked the rest of the day as we all were. After a cool dip in the falls pools, we parted ways and they continued on….naking!
Unfortunately, it’s hard to find others who enjoy naking as much as I do in and around Northern IL and Southern WI.

You admit being “cruel” to your girlfriend and you are proud of this? A real man doesn’t have to get power over anyone, a decent woman will love and support you if you do the same for her. I guarantee you NO woman wants to be with someone who is cruel, just as no man does. You will lose her or she will end up hating your guts. I’m sorry if you think this is a healthy, stable relationship!! Perhaps try therapy rather than dating for a while.
If you can’t are out of control of your relationships and thinking degrading the woman in your life is the way to get it, perhaps this is why you’ve had trouble. Emotionally stable people seek out other people who are also emotionally stable. Women who are healthy emotionally will not tolerate your treatment and this is why your relationships will always be a nightmare. I’m a therapist, sorry, I think you need to see someone.

Why women take testosterone

why women take testosterone


why women take testosteronewhy women take testosteronewhy women take testosteronewhy women take testosteronewhy women take testosterone