Where is male testosterone produced

The most important components of the physical erogenous stimulation of the penis during foreplay and intercourse are the sensations from the foreskin, frenulum/frenar band, and glans. These structures each have their own feeling, and each contributes in its own way to the man's total experience of lovemaking. It must be emphasized that emotional excitement is an extremely important component of sexual enjoyment, and intensifies the man's perception of any physical sensations from his penis.

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The Bible indicates that things will be really different in heaven compared to earth. Many religions (., Mormonism, Islam) make claims that heaven will be a place where males will have their choice of multiple female "companions." This tends to make those religions more appealing to human males, but makes no sense from a biblical perspective. The Bible says that once we die, there will be no marriage. 10 This is because we will be "married" to God Himself. 11 Biblical marriage was designed as a system to produce and raise children as a family unit to encourage them to choose to be with God in heaven . Once in heaven , there is no need for reproduction. Jesus also indicated that the angels (who are spirits) do not marry either. Given these facts, it would seem very strange that God would exhibit any kind of sexual characteristics.

Where is male testosterone produced

where is male testosterone produced


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