What does low testosterone mean

I will say, though, that my experiences have taught me that one’s protein intake can be higher than this article indicates for a ketogenic diet. I would actually differ in the above viewpoint of the article by suggesting a slightly lower fat intake if one wishes to maximize the amount of weight loss on a ketogenic diet. Lower the fat and you will most often encourage your body to metabolize more of its own in search of energy. Really, the only true enemy is the net (aka. impact) carb. And that is very easily limited and controlled when one’s attitude is to primarily eat only green vegetables.

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help please lol 4 clinder chevy malibu
ok so my car needed a new radiator was over heating and leaking and was replaced and now it still overheats but not when the heat is blowing..i did not watch it get replaced so I cant speak if it was installed correctly mayb? i thought maybe something was wrong with my oil light or just needed a oil change so i didn’t add oil beause i have..so i didn’t notice how much i was driving and i drove some distance and my car preety much went putt putt a couple of times i let it cool and made it to get oil which i believe it needed at that time my oil light was going off but i did see my engine light blink when it went putt putt so i added and drove it later when i got on the freeway after somtime i seen a big cloud of white smoke come out my tail pipe and a small amount come from my engine but it stopped i was thinking (hoping) it was from the lack of oil .
but now its fine seems to have less power kind of..and it will over heat if i don’t put the heater on please help it still does smoke when i start it up and drive for a small amount of time what does all this mean??? i have no check engine light on somebody feel free to reply thru my email ..is my car going to blow up or catch on fire or ..?

What does low testosterone mean

what does low testosterone mean


what does low testosterone meanwhat does low testosterone meanwhat does low testosterone meanwhat does low testosterone meanwhat does low testosterone mean