My husband, about a year ago had to have the right kidney removed due to stage 3 kidney cancer. They now test him every month to see if cancer has returned. They perform a routine CT scan and chest x-ray every visit. Before the CT is done they check is creatinine level in his left kidney. Has always came back too high to give him the contrast needed for a accurate CT scan. He is heavy set and loves his meat and fish. Will drinking plenty of water work to aid in lowering those levels? or, is there any other advise you could give me? He has his 1 year check-up this Friday July 20th.

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Central to Brynjolfsson’s argument is the idea that innovation is rapidly accelerating as trends in computing and networking advance at an exponential rate. Largely as a result of these advances, productivity and GDP continue to increase. But while “the pie is increasing,” he says, not everyone is benefiting. (Brynjolfsson notes that productivity has, according to conventional measurements, grown slowly since around 2005. But he attributes that “disappointing” slowdown to the recession and its aftermath—and, perhaps most important, to the fact that organizations have yet to fully capture the benefits expected to come from digital technologies.)


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