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The testing procedures have not been without controversy though. Athletes who have been caught have often cited the use of Creatine and the consumption of protein shakes as the reason for positive tests. An Aberdeen University study suggests that they may have a point. According to that, consumption of dietary supplements in conjunction with heavy physical training can result in the athlete returning a positive test for Nandrolone. As with many drugs, including THG that was involved in the infamous BALCO case, our knowledge is far from comprehensive. And as long as that remains the case, the protestations of innocence from those caught may just have a ring of truth to them.

It would be easy to look back at the events today and laugh were it not for the fact that Saadi’s football adventure was largely bankrolled by Libyan state funds. In Perugia, Saadi frequented only the most exclusive hotels, on one occasion booking an entire floor for himself, his six bodyguards and his pet dog, Dina. The dog was reported to be served prime cuts of steak and to sleep on a bed . The dog handler had to sleep on the floor. Further problems emerged when the hotel ran out of milk after Saadi’s wife insisted on bathing in it. A private jet escorted him around the country and abroad, while six Mercedes’ and a limousine were available for shorter-distance journeys.

Overview: Luckily for the EPL, Stam had been sold by Manchester United to Lazio, otherwise he might have been the pioneer that Xavier ultimately became. A few months after completing his move to Lazio for saying incendiary and stupid things in his autobiography about Sir Alex Ferguson, David Beckham, the Nevilles, and a score of others, Stam came up dirty for nandrolone, a steroid also known as Deca-Durabolin. Stam relied on the defense that Barry Bonds and others would eventually use, claiming that he had never “knowingly” used performance enhancing drugs.

Nandrolone juventus

nandrolone juventus


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