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While many people have expressed frustration with Lucasfilm’s latest Star Wars outing – particularly the film’s sophomoric humor and what some consider to be disappointing character reveals – it’s also possible that the film’s user scores have been brought down by design to its strange low level. User ratings typically fall in-line with critic scores, but stark divides do occur from time-to-time, especially with blockbuster films (. Justice League ). And since user scores are open to everyone, someone can bring down a film’s rating just for pleasure.

In response, a spokesperson for Rotten Tomatoes told TheWrap, “The authenticity of our critic and user scores is very important to Rotten Tomatoes and as a course of regular business, we have a team of security, network, social and database experts who closely monitor our platforms. They haven’t determined there to be any problems. For ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi,’ we have seen an uptick in people posting written user reviews, as fans are very passionate about this movie and the franchise.  The number of written reviews being posted by fans is comparable to ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'”

Low t score

low t score


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