Hcg for testosterone

When your body has enough testosterone, the brain does not send the LH signal to your testicles.  Therefore, you will not make any testosterone until your levels drop to below normal and the signal returns, stimulating production.  Since you are getting testosterone from an outside source, your brain is most likely not sending that signal to your testicles.  Over time, the old adage of “use it or lose it” comes into play and your testicles will shrink in size.  The time is different for every man and the amount of “shrinkage” is different for every man.  Fortunately, the HCG will quickly restore the size and function.

Im a 28 YO male with Low T. It sucks. Its putting a strain on my marriage due to sex life, tiredness and just overall well being. It doesn’t help that I work 24hours shifts away from home on top of the health problems. I went to the urolgist that specializes in Low T replacement. He wanted to start me on clomid 50mg every day. I have read some bad things about it and good things. I see where it may get your levels up but may not help with the libido and energy levels even though your T levels are up. I told the doctor I wanted to do testosterone which he was okay with except I lost him when I said I wanted to do HCG to try and keep my sperm count up and everything functioning. He will not do it. Said he doesn’t know about it and doesn’t even know how to dose it. Since this has been going on my levels have been steadily going down because the first time I had all this checked I went to my PCP. He would give me the testosterone due to my free T levels being low. My Total T was above 300 at the time so he said it was in range. Even though I felt like that was low for my age but I understand it doesn’t go off of age and there is a broad range. He sent me to the specialist to get the HCG and testosterone since it wasn’t his speciality and he knew nothing or the HCG. Thats why I went to the specialist he referred me to. This is a ongoing problem of 6 months or more and now since I started doing testing I am 2 more months in. Still no treatment and levels are dropping and the specialist wants to send me to a different doctor who he said may do HCG but he doubts it.

Hcg for testosterone

hcg for testosterone


hcg for testosteronehcg for testosteronehcg for testosteronehcg for testosteronehcg for testosterone