Haldol dec 100 mg

My family member has symptoms as below:
People talk about her, especially about her sexual parts.
People are trying to harm her, insult her
Does not go out of home.
As such she prepares food etc at home for every body.
Another observation is that she does not have control while shopping, sh often purchases things in large number, bed sheets 15, suits 10 at any one time.
Recollects some events involving some known person insulted her, that person is still after her life and causing damage to her.
On allopathic medicine Espzine plus for 20 yrs, normally remains ok , but sometimes go in loop of past events, which never took place.
Some times feels like weeping and feels comfortable after weeping.
She has occasional, left half body pain for which I gave her Lachesis, which gives her relief.
Could you pl help

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I believe Hibiscus tea had the biggest effect on people who switched from Coffee to Hibiscus tea before their test. Caffeine can raise your blood pressure. They give you two numbers for your blood pressure, being a parent, any stress, can effect this number. It is perhaps the most variable number presented by Internal medicine. Yet, Vegans have the lowest couplet, and are sometimes told to add some meat back. The best couplet would be about 60/100 or under, which would be hypo tensive to any doctor. The one that would be too high would be about 100/145. This can happen right after a run, after something exirerating, or even when sinning. Stress can be good and bad for the body. As long as it is handled well. They have studied that blood pressure raises during sex or long distance running, but people who do these things with care usually have lower blood pressure.

Haldol dec 100 mg

haldol dec 100 mg


haldol dec 100 mghaldol dec 100 mghaldol dec 100 mg