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I am 15 6’1 about 150 pounds. I have recently been taking a less serious protein powder and I have been drinking around 2-3 shakes a day with 1-2 scoops each. I usually have one in the mourning as a meal replacement and one when i get home to replace the want for junk food, and another one after I work out/ before bed. I Work out for about 45 minutes each day, I usually try and work out upper body, core, and lower body, I try and get my whole body. However there aren’t any serious work outs that I do, I usually just do around 50 reps per section. So I am looking to get myotein, and I am wondering that if I start to take myotein the same way and the same amount, what kind of muscles gain and mass gain can I expect to see.

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Gnc testerone

gnc testerone


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