Festool ps 300 eq czesci

The Trion’s 720W motor features Multi-Material-Control electronics (Festool speak for constant speed control). This feature maintains a constant cutting speed by sensing the load put on the saw and automatically compensating for any changes. The 4-stage pendulum offers control in speed and ease of cutting, whatever the material type or thickness. The Trion can cut through 100mm timber like a proverbial hot knife using the pendulum action and the right blade. The blade change mechanism is extremely simple to use and secures the blade solid as a rock. It’s a matter of lifting the lever, inserting the blade and letting the lever return. The blade guide system comprises a pair of adjustable carbide-tipped guides and works in a similar way to blade guides on a bandsaw. This coupled with a back-up bearing ensures the blade remains perpendicular at all times. The baseplate has 0°, 15°, 30° and 45° angle indexes, with a positive stop at 0°. The 4m long flexible power cord is detachable with twist lock, making storage. The 3-year warranty shows the measure of Festool’s confidence in the quality of their products.

For perfect control and expert cutting through many kinds of materials, the Festool PS 300 EQ Barrel Grip Jigsaw is a smart choice. Unlike other jigsaws that have a tough time staying to curves on hard material, the Festool PS 300 (561443) uses advanced MMC electronics and a carbide guidance system to keep speed constant under load and keep the blade at the precise pre-set angle. Carbide-tipped adjustable jaws work with the jigsaw's blade clamping system, and there's a back-up bearing for triple blade guidance to keep everything securely on track. This eliminates errors and the need for rework, saving you time and money.

The PS 300 barrel grip jigsaw has other features that improve efficiency, such as advanced dust extraction, a dual-bevel base for angled cuts and a low center of gravity for control and comfort.

Festool ps 300 eq czesci

festool ps 300 eq czesci


festool ps 300 eq czescifestool ps 300 eq czesci