Eq map profiles

Thank you for the time and effort it took to compile this list, I have a Crageye Raptor that I tamed in sundered frontier as my dire warder so they can be tamed; I know the hellhounds in the Everling Mansion are tameable, the tigers even the white one in sinking sands are tameable-I have tamed both as I have 2 bls one evil one good…Weasels are in the Rodent family so it isn’t exact- who the hell cares? It’s a GAME just enjoy it…57 yr old gramma geek that loves both Skyrim and EQ2…If you don’t believe me go look up my profile on Steam (Nola Crenshaw or nodijo) and look at how many hours I have played and it is not doctored.

Now if we can just get a solution for Colorblind players. Perhaps a Tint setting in-game, or a config file “eq2_” that players can add a list of zones identified as having a lot of red or green tints which are basically invisible to strongly red-green colorblind players. This way, zones like Thalumbra, Veeshan’s Peak, etc. would be automatically shifted in hue. As it is, some of these highly saturated zones are practically unnavigable for certain players. There are some third party DirectX filters, but an in-game feature would be preferable.

Eq map profiles

eq map profiles


eq map profileseq map profileseq map profileseq map profileseq map profiles