Eq magelo profile

After a very long day of unsuccessful hunting, we made the trek back to Riverval and bound ourselves in Freeport instead of hanging out on Antonica. We decided to settle in at a little goblin camp in Dagnor’s Cauldron. Most of the mobs con red to us but there is a nice little camp around the side of the zone that has four blue / white con orcs, and that’s where we sat. The cleric got a few pieces of gear upgrades, and the enchanter managed to ding level 13. That means ONE more level and she’ll have breeze. I am pretty excited. As you can see by the magelo profile above, Velours is almost level 15 and I’ve joined a guild. I browsed the EQplayer forums in the guild recruitment section to find out what guilds were active on Fippy (there are a lot of them) and this one seemed to best fit me. So far they are a great bunch of people not hung up on being uber and rushing through all of the content.

Eq magelo profile

eq magelo profile


eq magelo profileeq magelo profileeq magelo profileeq magelo profileeq magelo profile