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11. In a case such as this, where the parties had already been living together for about 18 years and had four children when 114 Chatsworth Road was purchased in joint names and payments on the mortgage secured on that property were in effect contributed to by each of them equally, there would have been much to be said for adhering to the presumption of English law that the beneficial interests were divided between them equally. But I do not think that it is possible to ignore the fact that the contributions which they made to the purchase of that property were not equal. The relative extent of those contributions provides the best guide as to where their beneficial interests lay, in the absence of compelling evidence that by the end of their relationship they did indeed intend to share the beneficial interests equally. The evidence does not go that far. On the contrary, while they pooled their resources in the running of the household, in larger matters they maintained their financial independence from each other throughout their relationship.

* Frontier Mountains (EoK) – shows connection to RoS
* Scorched Woods (EoK) – shows connection to RoS
* The Overthere (RoS) – new! – updated!
* The Skyfire Mountains (RoS) – new! – updated!
* The Howling Stone (RoS)  – new! – updated!
* Sathir’s Tomb (RoS) – new! – updated!
* Gorowyn (RoS) – updated! . Towers, stairs, lava done. Did lava similar to Temple of Veeshan. Don’t fall into that area!

All variants of Unix, Mac OS (old and new), and Stream_LF files on VMS use a single character to end each line in the external representation of text (even though that single character is CARRIAGE RETURN on old, pre-Darwin flavors of Mac OS, and is LINE FEED on Unix and most VMS files). In other systems like OS/2, DOS, and the various flavors of MS-Windows, your program sees a \ n as a simple \ cJ , but what's stored in text files are the two characters \ cM \ cJ . That means that if you don't use binmode on these systems, \ cM \ cJ sequences on disk will be converted to \ n on input, and any \ n in your program will be converted back to \ cM \ cJ on output. This is what you want for text files, but it can be disastrous for binary files.

Eq 2 split stack

eq 2 split stack


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