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Joel, this gesture that you are doing for this couple in need is just awesome. Ppl on here don't know you. But I do and I know that you are a very nice human being with a good heart and is always ready to help a brother or sister in need. That is why God blesses you in all you do. I personally think that when any money or items are given to the family ppl need to be careful because some ppl are really out to get you and it's not safe for the elderly couple. May god bless every single one of you for donating and having the couple in your prayers. Knowing Joel he will be good friends with the couple. He is an awesome human being. Thanks Joel God is good.

I am growing my hair out from an undercut haircut. The last time I got a haircut was back in April I think that it was. It is now December and also the last time that I got the hair on the top cut was in December of last year. I have 8 inches on the top and 4 inches on the sides. It looks like balls but you just gotta stick through it. I usually do a top knot or let my long hair hang down, but it always goes in my eyes. So sometimes, if I want to look dapper, I’ll slick my hair back. Generally, slicking your hair back is a good way to style your hair during the awkward phase. That, or make your hair look messy and tousled.

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