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There are studies of cell cultures, laboratory animals, wildlife, and accidentally exposed humans that show that environmental chemicals cause a wide range of reproductive, developmental, growth, and behavior effects, and so while "endocrine disruption in humans by pollutant chemicals remains largely undemonstrated, the underlying science is sound and the potential for such effects is real." [37] While compounds that produce estrogenic, androgenic, antiandrogenic, and antithyroid actions have been studied, less is known about interactions with other hormones.

Residents of assisted living facilities are protected under standard contract laws when the facility has committed fraud or misled a resident.  If the facility arranges for or performs government-paid services – such as Medicaid services – such facilities are also accountable for fraud in the performance of those services (for example, if services are billed to Medicaid but not provided to the residents, or if unnecessary Medicaid services are provided). Advocacy activities might focus on supporting Medicaid fraud whistle-blower laws with qui tam provisions (which give a financial incentive to individuals who report fraudulent activities), supporting laws and regulatory enforcement to protect residents in assisted living contracts (for instance, by requiring facilities to be clear and specific about services provided and associated costs), and by educating residents and their families on these issues and how to be “educated consumers” of assisted living.

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